21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Call You

21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Call You

Communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. But sometimes, it can feel like your boyfriend is a bit too distant or forgetful when it comes to picking up the phone and reaching out to you.

If you’re longing to hear his voice more frequently and deepen your connection, fret not! In this blog post, we will explore 21 tried-and-true ways to make your boyfriend call you more often.

These practical tips will help you foster better communication and strengthen the bond you share. Let’s dive in!

21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Call You

These are the 21 ways to know

Way #1: Create Mystery and Intrigue

Keeping the element of mystery alive can be enticing for your boyfriend. Share exciting stories or experiences selectively to spark his curiosity and make him eager to hear more from you.

Way #2: Plan Fun and Engaging Activities

Suggesting engaging activities that you can enjoy together will give him a reason to call you. Plan a weekend getaway, a movie night, or even a cooking session. The anticipation will pique his interest.

Way #3: Express Genuine Interest in His Life

Show genuine curiosity about his passions, goals, and day-to-day experiences. When he realizes you are invested in his life, he will be more inclined to share and call you to discuss his endeavors.

Way #4: Be Supportive and Encouraging

Offering support and encouragement when he faces challenges or pursues his dreams will make him appreciate your presence in his life. He’ll be more likely to call you to share his progress or seek your guidance.

Way #5: Engage in Meaningful Conversations

Initiate conversations that delve deeper into meaningful topics, such as his aspirations, beliefs, or values.

By discussing thought-provoking subjects, you create a strong emotional connection, compelling him to reach out more often.

Way #6: Show Appreciation for His Efforts

When your boyfriend does call, show sincere appreciation for his thoughtfulness. Expressing gratitude will reinforce his behavior and motivate him to continue reaching out to you.

Way #7: Use Humor to Brighten His Day

Everyone loves a good laugh! Send him funny memes, jokes, or playful messages to bring a smile to his face. He’ll associate these joyful moments with your calls and will be more likely to reciprocate.

Way #8: Give Him Space

While it’s important to be available for your boyfriend, it’s equally vital to respect his need for personal space.

Allowing him time to pursue his hobbies or spend time with friends will make him miss your company and reach out to you.

Way #9: Be Patient and Understanding

Understanding that he may have a busy schedule or other commitments is crucial. Show patience and give him time to call you without pressuring or suffocating him.

Way #10: Surprise Him Occasionally

Plan delightful surprises for your boyfriend, such as sending him his favorite meal or leaving a sweet note on his desk. These unexpected gestures will remind him of your affection and make him more inclined to call you.

Way #11: Share Memorable Experiences

Create unforgettable memories together, like going on a thrilling adventure or exploring a new city. Sharing these experiences will strengthen your bond and give him countless reasons to reach out and reminisce.

Way #12: Be Supportive of His Social Life

Encourage him to spend time with his friends and maintain his social connections. By showing understanding and support for his social life, he will appreciate your independence and be more likely to call you to share his experiences.

By showing understanding and support for his social life, he will appreciate your independence and be more likely to call you to share his experiences.
By showing understanding and support for his social life, he will appreciate your independence and be more likely to call you to share his experiences.

Way #13: Discuss Future Plans

Engage in conversations about your shared future, such as travel plans, dreams, or goals.

By discussing these exciting prospects, you create a sense of togetherness and encourage him to reach out more often to discuss them further.

Way #14: Be Spontaneous

Break the monotony and surprise him with spontaneous activities or outings. It could be a surprise date night, a road trip, or even a weekend getaway.

These surprises will keep the excitement alive and prompt him to call you to coordinate.

Way #15: Show Interest in His Passions

Discover his hobbies and interests and show genuine enthusiasm when discussing them. By demonstrating your interest in his passions, he’ll feel a deeper connection and be more inclined to share them with you over a call.

Way #16: Maintain Your Own Life

Ensure you have a fulfilling life of your own outside the relationship. Pursue your own interests, hobbies, and friendships.

Having a life independent of your boyfriend will make him appreciate your company and reach out to you more frequently.

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Way #17: Be Open and Honest About Your Feelings

Openly express your emotions and let him know how important regular communication is to you. Be honest about your needs and desires, as healthy communication is built on trust and transparency.

Way #18: Foster Mutual Trust

Trust is essential in any relationship. Make sure to build a strong foundation of trust by being reliable, keeping your promises, and respecting his boundaries.

This trust will encourage him to call you more often, knowing that he can rely on you.

Way #19: Send Thoughtful Messages

Drop him a text or a voice message during the day, expressing your love, and admiration, or simply checking in. These small gestures will remind him of your presence and make him more likely to call you in return.

Way #20: Practice Active Listening

When he does call, practice active listening by genuinely engaging in the conversation. Show that you value his thoughts and opinions, and avoid distractions to create a meaningful connection.

Way #21: Celebrate Relationship Milestones

Take the time to celebrate special occasions and relationship milestones together. Anniversaries, birthdays, and even small accomplishments deserve recognition.

By honoring these moments, you reinforce the importance of your relationship and encourage him to call you more often.


Effective communication is a vital component of a thriving relationship.

By implementing these 21 ways to make your boyfriend call you more often, you can foster stronger connections, deepen your bond, and create a healthier and more fulfilling partnership.

Remember, building a strong foundation of trust, respect, and genuine interest in each other’s lives is key. Embrace these strategies and enjoy increased communication and closeness with your boyfriend.

Here’s to a future filled with meaningful conversations and cherished moments!

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