21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Be Nice to You

21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Be Nice to You

Every relationship deserves kindness and respect. If you find yourself longing for more kindness from your boyfriend, it’s important to address this issue in a constructive and proactive manner.

In this blog post, we will explore 21 effective ways to encourage your boyfriend to be nice to you.

These strategies focus on fostering open communication, understanding, and mutual respect, ultimately creating a more harmonious and loving relationship.

Let’s dive in and discover how you can nurture kindness in your relationship.

21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Be Nice to You

These are the 21 ways to know

Way #1: Lead by Example:

Be the change you want to see in your relationship. Exhibit kindness and compassion towards your boyfriend, as this can inspire him to reciprocate your actions.

Show him how you value kindness in the way you treat him and others.

Way #2: Communicate Your Needs:

Openly express your desire for more kindness in the relationship. Share your feelings with your boyfriend, explaining how his kindness would positively impact your emotional well-being and the overall relationship dynamic.

Way #3: Practice Active Listening:

Give your boyfriend your undivided attention when he speaks, demonstrating that his thoughts and feelings are important to you.

By actively listening, you create a safe space for open communication and encourage him to do the same.

Way #4: Show Appreciation:

Express gratitude and acknowledge acts of kindness from your boyfriend. A simple “thank you” or a heartfelt note can go a long way in reinforcing positive behavior and encouraging more kindness.

Way #5: Be Kind to Yourself:

Self-care and self-kindness are essential. Treat yourself with love and respect, as this sets an example for your boyfriend. When he sees how you prioritize your own well-being, he may be inspired to do the same.

Way #6: Foster Empathy:

Encourage empathy in your relationship by openly discussing your feelings and asking your boyfriend about his own emotions.

This creates an atmosphere of understanding and compassion, where kindness can flourish.

Way #7: Share Acts of Kindness:

Initiate acts of kindness towards your boyfriend without any expectation of reciprocity. Small gestures like preparing his favorite meal or leaving a thoughtful note can cultivate a positive and kind environment.

Way #8: Be Clear with Expectations:

Communicate your expectations regarding kindness in a clear and non-confrontational manner.

Let your boyfriend know how important it is for you to be treated with kindness and discuss specific behaviors that demonstrate kindness to you.

Way #9: Encourage Open Communication:

Create a safe and judgment-free space for your boyfriend to express his thoughts and emotions.

Encourage him to communicate openly, knowing that his feelings will be heard and respected. This promotes kindness by fostering understanding.

Way #10: Set Boundaries:

Establish clear boundaries that outline what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the relationship. Communicate these boundaries with kindness and assertiveness, and expect them to be respected.

Way #11: Express Your Needs Non-Defensively:

When expressing your need for kindness, do so in a non-defensive manner.

Avoid blaming or accusing language, and instead focus on using “I” statements to convey how certain actions or behaviors make you feel.

Way #12: Prioritize Quality Time:

Spend quality time together, engaging in activities that foster connection and kindness. This can range from simple activities like going for a walk or cooking together to more elaborate date nights or weekend getaways.

Way #13: Practice Gratitude:

Express appreciation for the positive qualities and actions of your boyfriend. By focusing on the good in him, you encourage him to continue being kind and nurturing those positive traits.

By focusing on the good in him, you encourage him to continue being kind and nurturing those positive traits.
By focusing on the good in him, you encourage him to continue being kind and nurturing those positive traits.

Way #14: Be Supportive:

Show support and encouragement for your boyfriend’s goals and dreams. By being his biggest cheerleader, you create a nurturing environment where kindness thrives.

Way #15: Practice Forgiveness:

Forgive past mistakes and let go of resentment. Holding onto grudges prevents the growth of kindness in the relationship. Instead, focus on moving forward and fostering a positive and forgiving environment.

Way #16: Maintain Emotional Balance:

Maintain emotional balance within yourself and encourage emotional balance in your boyfriend.

Practice emotional regulation techniques and encourage open expression of emotions without resorting to hurtful words or actions.

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Way #17: Offer Acts of Service:

Perform acts of service for your boyfriend, such as helping with household chores or supporting him in his personal endeavors. These acts demonstrate kindness and can encourage him to reciprocate.

Way #18: Nurture Shared Interests:

Engage in activities that you both enjoy and nurture shared interests. This strengthens your bond and creates opportunities for kindness to flourish as you support each other’s passions.

Way #19: Practice Patience:

Be patient with your boyfriend’s journey toward kindness. Change takes time, and by remaining patient and understanding, you create a safe space for growth and development.

Way #20: Encourage Self-Reflection:

Encourage your boyfriend to reflect on his actions and their impact on the relationship. By fostering self-awareness, he can identify areas where kindness can be improved and take steps toward positive change.

Way #21: Seek Relationship Counseling:

Consider seeking professional help through relationship counseling or therapy. A trained therapist can provide guidance and tools for improving kindness and overall relationship dynamics.


Nurturing kindness in a relationship is essential for creating a loving and harmonious bond.

By implementing these 21 strategies, you can encourage your boyfriend to be nice to you and foster a relationship built on kindness, respect, and mutual support. Remember, change takes time and effort from both partners.

Be patient, communicate openly, and lead by example. With dedication and a shared commitment to kindness, you can create a relationship that thrives on love and compassion.

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