21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Annoyed

21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Annoyed

Are you in a mischievous mood and want to have some fun with your boyfriend?

While maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship is crucial, a little harmless teasing can add some spice and excitement to your bond.

In this blog post, we will explore 21 clever ways to make your boyfriend slightly annoyed. Remember, the key is to keep it light-hearted and playful, so don’t take it too far!

Let’s dive into the art of gentle teasing and see how you can keep your boyfriend on his toes.

21 Ways How to Make Your Boyfriend Annoyed

These are the 21 ways to know

Way #1: The Early Morning Alarm

Is your boyfriend a heavy sleeper? Set his alarm an hour earlier than usual and watch him scramble out of bed in a state of confusion.

Just make sure you’re ready with a playful grin when he realizes what you’ve done.

Way #2: The Hidden Remote Control

Swap the batteries from the TV remote control with dead ones. Witness his frustration as he tries to change channels to watch his favorite show. Once he figures it out, share a good laugh together.

Way #3: The Misplaced Keys

Sneakily relocate his keys to an unexpected spot, like the refrigerator or his sock drawer. His baffled expression as he searches high and low will be priceless.

Be ready to reveal the secret hiding place with a mischievous smile.

Way #4: The Mysterious Texts

Send him cryptic messages throughout the day, dropping hints about a surprise or an inside joke only the two of you share. Keep him guessing and eagerly awaiting the reveal.

Way #5: The Stealthy Tickles

Tickling is an excellent way to annoy your boyfriend playfully. Sneak up behind him when he least expects it and give him a tickle attack. His laughter mixed with frustration will make for a memorable moment.

Way #6: The Sneaky Prank Calls

Make prank calls to his phone using a disguised voice, pretending to be someone he knows or a fictional character. Keep the conversation lighthearted, and when he finally discovers your secret, enjoy a good laugh together.

Way #7: The “Stolen” Snacks

Snatch his favorite snack or treat from right under his nose and pretend you have no idea what happened to it. Offer him hints and clues while secretly enjoying his amusing efforts to solve the mystery.

Way #8: The Song Stuck on Repeat

Playfully get a song stuck in his head by singing it frequently or leaving subtle reminders around the house. Watch him hum or sing along unconsciously until he realizes what you’ve done.

Way #9: The Random Dance Breaks

When you’re out together or even at home, spontaneously break into dance routines, catching him off guard. Whether it’s a silly move or a perfectly choreographed routine, it’ll surely leave him both annoyed and amused.

Whether it's a silly move or a perfectly choreographed routine, it'll surely leave him both annoyed and amused.
Whether it’s a silly move or a perfectly choreographed routine, it’ll surely leave him both annoyed and amused.

Way #10: The Spontaneous Language Switch

Switch the language you speak with him for a day. If he speaks English, respond to him in a different language, or vice versa. His bewildered expression as he tries to communicate with you will be priceless.

Way #11: The Endless Tissues

Replace the tissue box with a never-ending tissue roll. As he pulls one tissue after another, he’ll find himself questioning reality. Enjoy his puzzled look as he realizes the prank.

Way #12: The Mysterious Notes

Leave mysterious notes around the house with hints about a surprise or an activity he has to figure out. This playful scavenger hunt will keep him engaged and guessing throughout the day.

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Way #13: The Exaggerated PDA

Amplify public displays of affection to embarrass him slightly. While he might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, he’ll appreciate the love and attention in the end.

Way #14: The Endless Texts

Send him a series of random, unrelated texts, each containing a single word or phrase. Keep him guessing about the meaning behind them until he cracks the code or asks for an explanation.

Way #15: The Silly Photobombs

Photobomb his pictures whenever you get a chance. Whether it’s a casual selfie or a group photo, pop up in the background with a goofy expression. His mixed reaction of annoyance and amusement will make for hilarious memories.

Way #16: The Disguised Voice

Converse with him using a disguised voice, imitating a celebrity or a character from a movie. Enjoy his puzzled attempts to recognize the voice while having a good laugh together.

Way #17: The Repeated “Oops!”

Accidentally drop or spill things near him, making it seem like a series of coincidences. His reaction to your “clumsiness” will range from amusement to mild annoyance.

Way #18: The Slightly Off Timing

Show up late to dates or appointments, but not too late to cause genuine frustration. This subtle delay will keep him on his toes and wondering about your whereabouts.

Way #19: The Playful Teasing

Tease him about his quirky habits or endearing traits lovingly and playfully. Remember, the goal is to make him smile and appreciate his unique qualities.

Way #20: The Photographic Evidence

Take candid pictures of him in funny or awkward moments and compile them into a playful collage. The surprise reveal will surely make him laugh and cringe at the same time.

Way #21: The Unexpected Tickle Attacks

Keep him guessing by sporadically launching tickle attacks throughout the day. His heightened sense of anticipation will keep your interactions playful and energetic.


There you have it, 21 mischievous ways to slightly annoy your boyfriend while keeping the relationship fun and exciting.

Remember, these pranks should always be light-hearted and aimed at bringing a smile to both of your faces. Communication is key, so make sure to gauge his reactions and be ready to apologize if something goes too far.

Keep the laughter flowing and enjoy the playful moments that strengthen your bond. So, are you ready to embark on a journey of teasing and laughter with your boyfriend?

Give these pranks a try and see how they add a sprinkle of mischief to your relationship!

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