25 Signs She Is About to Propose

25 Signs She Is About to Propose

Love is a beautiful journey that often leads to the next step: marriage.

While traditionally, men have taken the lead in proposing, times are changing, and women are embracing the opportunity to pop the question.

If you’re in a committed relationship and wondering whether your partner is about to propose, keep an eye out for these 25 signs.

From subtle hints to actions filled with anticipation, these signs can help you gauge if she is ready to take that leap and ask for your hand in marriage.

25 Signs She Is About to Propose

These are the 25 signs that you need to know.

Sign #1: Conversations About the Future

If she frequently initiates discussions about your future together, including marriage, family, and long-term plans, it’s a clear indication that she is envisioning a life with you.

Sign #2: Increased Emotional Intimacy

When she becomes more emotionally open and vulnerable, sharing her hopes, dreams, and fears, it suggests that she is preparing for a deeper commitment.

Sign #3: Talks About Engagement Rings

If she brings up engagement rings, styles, or preferences in casual conversations, she might be dropping subtle hints about her desire to get engaged.

Sign #4: Heightened Interest in Wedding-related Topics

When she shows a keen interest in wedding-related topics, such as attending bridal expos, discussing wedding trends, or planning hypothetical wedding scenarios, it indicates that marriage is on her mind.

Sign #5: Financial Planning for the Future

If she starts discussing financial matters, such as joint bank accounts, investments, or budgeting as a couple, it signifies her readiness for a long-term commitment like marriage.

Sign #6: More Quality Time Together

When she actively seeks to spend quality time with you, prioritizing shared experiences and creating memories, it’s a sign that she cherishes your relationship and is preparing for a significant milestone.

Sign #7: Excitement About Celebrating Milestones

If she expresses enthusiasm and anticipation about upcoming anniversaries or relationship milestones, it suggests that she sees these occasions as opportunities for a meaningful proposal.

Sign #8: Nervousness and Jitters

When she displays nervousness or subtle signs of anxiousness around important events or surprises, it could indicate that she is planning something special, like a proposal.

When she displays nervousness or subtle signs of anxiousness around important events or surprises, it could indicate that she is planning something special, like a proposal.

Sign #9: Subtle Research on Proposal Ideas

If she starts researching proposal ideas, romantic destinations, or unique ways to propose, it demonstrates her proactive approach to planning a memorable engagement moment.

Sign #10: Heightened Attention to Personal Appearance

When she pays extra attention to her personal appearance, such as dressing up more frequently or subtly enhancing her style, it may indicate that she wants to look her best for an upcoming proposal.

Sign #11: Seeking Your Family’s Approval

If she initiates conversations about your family or expresses interest in spending more time with them, it signifies her desire to build a deeper connection and seek their blessings for a future proposal.

Sign #12: Emotional Excitement Around Weddings

When she becomes emotionally moved or excited while attending weddings, looking at engagement photos, or watching romantic films, it’s a sign that she’s yearning for her own special moment.

Sign #13: Secretive Conversations with Close Friends

If she frequently engages in private conversations with her close friends or confidantes, she may be seeking advice or planning the perfect proposal with their assistance.

Sign #14: Increased Collaboration on Home and Future Plans

When she actively participates in discussions and decision-making about home renovations, future living arrangements, or creating a shared space, it signifies her commitment to building a life together.

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Sign #15: Thoughtful and Meaningful Gifts

If she starts giving you thoughtful and meaningful gifts that reflect your relationship’s milestones and shared memories, it indicates her intention to create lasting moments and cement your bond.

Sign #16: Creating Opportunities for Alone Time

When she intentionally plans activities or surprises that allow for intimate moments and privacy, it suggests she wants to create a romantic setting for a potential proposal.

Sign #17: More Expressions of Love and Affection

If she becomes more vocal about her love and affection for you, expressing gratitude and appreciation, it’s a sign that she values your relationship deeply and is preparing for a lifelong commitment.

Sign #18: Inquisitiveness About Your Ring Size

If she subtly asks questions about your ring size or finds clever ways to measure it, it’s a clear indication that she is considering purchasing an engagement ring.

Sign #19: Increased Focus on Relationship Milestones

When she commemorates significant relationship milestones, such as the day you met or your first date, it demonstrates her commitment to celebrating your journey together, possibly leading up to a proposal.

Sign #20: Intense Excitement on Special Occasions

If she shows remarkable enthusiasm and excitement on birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, it may signify that she is eagerly anticipating a surprise proposal.

Sign #21: Heightened Observance of Wedding Traditions

When she starts paying attention to wedding traditions, such as something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue, it suggests she is immersing herself in the traditions associated with marriage.

Sign #22: Planning Romantic Getaways or Vacations

If she actively plans romantic getaways or vacations for just the two of you, it indicates she wants to create memorable experiences and potentially set the stage for a proposal.

Sign #23: Talking About Children and Family Life

When she initiates conversations about children, parenting styles, or family dynamics, it demonstrates her desire to build a future together that includes starting a family.

Sign #24: Engaging with Proposal-related Content

If she spends time browsing through proposal stories, engagement photos, or wedding-related content on social media or websites, it’s a strong indication that she is eagerly preparing for her own proposal.

Sign #25: Intense Emotional Connection

When she deepens the emotional connection with you, displaying unwavering support, trust, and understanding, it signifies her readiness for a lifelong commitment through a marriage proposal.


Recognizing the signs that she is about to propose can be an exciting and heartwarming experience.

However, it’s essential to approach the topic with patience and allow the proposal to unfold naturally.

If you observe several of these signs and feel that the time is right, it may be worth initiating open and honest conversations about your future together.

Remember, a proposal is a significant milestone in a relationship, and it’s important to approach it with love, trust, and mutual understanding.

Whether she pops the question or you do, embracing this journey together will create a foundation for a beautiful and fulfilling future.

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